Discreet and professional light traps for quality fly control.

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Picture of Atrapa Fly

Atrapa Fly

Plug-in-the-wall fly attractant lamp for flies, moths and midges at home.

R 533,00

Picture of Atrapa Fly Replacement Bulb

Atrapa Fly Replacement Bulb

UV charged unsleeved bulb for replacement

R 91,00

Picture of Futura Replacement Tubes

Futura Replacement Tubes

Replacement tubes to keep maximum UV attraction.

R 163,00

Picture of Genus Replacement LED

Genus Replacement LED

Eclipse replacement LED light

R 248,00

Picture of Atrapa Fly Glueboards

Atrapa Fly Glueboards

Glueboards for the Atrapa Fly unit

R 112,00

Picture of Futura Glue Board

Futura Glue Board

Large replacement glue boards with maximum catch area, in 12 pack.

R 423,00

Picture of Genus Eclipse Glue Board

Genus Eclipse Glue Board

Replaceable glue boards that fit into the Genus Eclipse White/Black.

R 445,00

Picture of Futura Compact Aluminium 30W

Futura Compact Aluminium 30W

One of the fastest front of house fly catching units.

R 2 320,00

Picture of Futura Table Top Stand

Futura Table Top Stand

Quality professional stand, sturdy and appealing to the eye.

R 428,00

Picture of Genus Eclipse Black

Genus Eclipse Black

Discreet fly catcher made for front of house.

R 1 229,00

Picture of Genus Eclipse White

Genus Eclipse White

Discreet fly catcher made for front of house.

R 1 229,00

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