Byotrol Sanitising Fogger


Single release fogger


Byotrol is a hygiene revolution. Its patented formula combines biocides in a way that amplifies their effectiveness. Byotrol Surface Sanitiser provides powerful germ protection that outlasts all leading disinfectants and is gentle on the surfaces themselves. It is a non-rinse sanitiser and Marks & Spencer approved for food use. It is water-based, non-corrosive and non-hazardous. Fully biodegradable and kind to the environment.

Successfully passed European Standards EN1276 against bacteria (TC 59 and TC 154), EN1650 against yeasts and moulds (TC 55 and TC 69) and EN13697 surface test against bacteria (TC 133). Residual efficacy testing against bacteria (TC 45, TC 129 and TC 130). Field trial to assess efficacy against bacteria in fridges (TC 141). Materials compatibility study on refrigerator pumps (TC 134). SABS 1853 and NRCS accredited.

Can be used as a terminal sanitiser on all equipment within the healthcare industry, patient contact surfaces, bathroom-areas and food preparation areas in kitchens. Perform well in wet areas where residual efficacy is advantageous (ie. showers and baths).


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