Genus Eclipse Ultra (Code: BRAN00368)


A new and exciting innovation in fly management for public sensitive areas.



  • Incorporates Translucent TechnologyTM to maximise UVA propagation for faster fly catch.
  • Outperforms all competitor front of house units as well some competitor back of house units.
  • 2 x 15 Watt Black Light Blue (BLB) lamps for maximum flying insect attraction. Option of Black Light (BL) bulbs.
  • Customisable inserts to facilitate brand promotions and messages.
  • Design led styling, silent operation, discreet and out of sight fly control for sensitive locations.
  • Tool free, easy servicing to save time and money.
  • Out of sight fully grid marked Brandenburg Universal glue board ensuring high catch capacity, complete discretion and HACCP compliance.
  • The very latest electronic ballast to future proof the unit and ensure reduced running costs.