Vanilla Mosquito Repellent Candles (Yellow) (Code: ZOL0000010)


250g natural and fragranced fly and mosquito candles which are twice as effective as citronella.


  • For best results it is important to let the candle burn for at least 20 minutes
  • The natural active is released from the candles by evaporation from the hot, melted pool of wax that forms while the candle is burning
  • It is best to light at least 2-3 candles to protect the area that you’ll be occupying; more for larger groups of people
  • Also, all repellent candles are most effective when there is little or no wind to quickly disperse the repellent, if there is wind, be sure to be downwind within the vapour path
  • No insect control candle will give 100% protection; however, when using an appropriate number of candles (min 2-3) for the area, you should achieve a significant reduction in the number of fly & mosquito landings approaching 75-95%
  • These candles have been SABS tested for fly and mosquito repellency and have proven to be far more effective
    (2 to 11 times) than any other natural based product, including Citronella, Lemongrass, and Kakiebos
  • LAPA oil is the natural active ingredient in the candles


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