Rossi Gel Bait


Rossi Insect Gel Bait is a ready to use cockroach gel used for the control and killing of cockroaches.

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  • ROSSI INSECT BAIT is very attractive to Cockroaches and feeding begins soon after placement of the gel.
  • Typically Cockroaches will die a few hours after feeding on ROSSI INSECT BAIT. Dead cockroaches will normally be seen within 24 hours of treatment being done.
  • The active ingredient used in Rossi Insect Bait is fipronil-based.
  • In the Pest Control Industry the active ingredient, Fipronil, is known as the Rolls Royce of cockroach gel baits.
  • Fipronil can be transferred from one Cockroach to the next as Cockroaches in harbourages will readily eat dead individuals or the faeces of individuals that have ingested the gel.
  • Rossi Insect Gel Bait has three different gel matrixes that will prevent gel bait aversion from developing, which means the cockroach will not stop eating Rossi insect gel bait.
  • Application areas of Rossi Insect Bait include: Kitchens, in the home, staff rooms, locker rooms, sewers, bakeries, ships, fast food outlets and food storage areas.
  • Rossi Insect Gel bait can be used on all pest cockroach species, particularly American and German Cockroaches.
  • Registration number: L9307 Act No. 36 of 1947.
  • Comes in a 30g tube.
  • Dosage for Normal Rates of infestation:
  • American cockroach: Place two spots of 0,03g gel per m2.
  • German cockroach: Place one spot of 0,03g gel per m2.
  • Dosage for High Rates of infestation:
  • American cockroach: Place three spots of 0,03g gel per m2.
  • German cockroach: Place two spots of 0,03g gel per m2.
  • Best control is achieved when ROSSI INSECT BAIT is placed within or closed to areas where they feed and breed.
  • Clean the area to be treated before treatment and remove alternative food sources.
  • Apply ROSSI INSECT BAIT as small spots throughout the target area in dark out-of-sight locations in cracks, crevices, behind cupboards and shelves, under kitchen appliances, in electrical control boxes, voids and ducting and under bathroom fixtures etc.
  • However, for improved control, do not apply ROSSI INSECT BAIT where it will become wet, submersed or removed by regular cleaning.
  • Other insecticides must not be applied on or around ROSSI INSECT BAIT spots, or the spots placed on recently treated surfaces. The ROSSI INSECT BAIT will be contaminated and Cockroaches may be discouraged to feed on it.