Stop Roach Gel Bait


A light green, insect gel bait that stops the breading cycle of cockroaches thus knocks down the entire infestation.


  • Stop Roach Cockroach Gel Bait is the perfect product to use, to stop the breeding cycle of cockroaches and get rid of them for good.
  • Stop Roach helps to control the bacteria and diseases that is spread by Cockroach infestations.
  • See great results within 10 days.
  • Can be used in sensitive areas such as your kitchen etc.
  • Comes in a 20g tube.
  • Place Stop Roach gel as close as possible to the hiding places of cockroaches such as underneath and behind deep freezers, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, cupboards, door hinges and sinks where cockroaches tend to breed.
  • Place small dots of gel in different places around the infected area(s).
  • One tube of Stop Roach is sufficient to effectively treat a room with a floor area of 20m2.
  • For the best results, replace current gel dots with new dots every 2 weeks until control is gained.
  • Do not spray or use any other insecticide in the area where you placed Stop Roach gel bait, as it will become more of a repellent rather than an attractant and reduce the efficacy and control of the product.
  • Active Ingredient: Orthoboric Acid @ 400g/kg.

Apply the gel in places such as :

  • Behind and under appliances,
  • Hollow spaces in floors, walls and ceilings,
  • Around plumbing pipes and under sinks,
  • Doors and windows.
  • Bait Crevices: Apply bait to cracks and crevices, depositing enough to kill the existing cockroaches.
  • Remove old bait: Use a putty knife or blade to remove old bait, as the presence of old bait could make cockroaches less likely to eat the new bait.
  • Check bait: Make sure cockroaches are eating the bait. If they are not, try a different bait.
  • Bait aversion: Don’t exclusively use gel bait for control. Including other methods of control helps limit bait aversion and reduces cockroach populations.
  • Place bait nearby: Put bait near or inside cockroach harbourages. Cockroaches will rarely travel long distances if food is only inches away.
  • Place enough bait: Apply enough bait for the population. Under-baiting will necessitate re-applying frequently without gaining control of the infestation.
  • Choose locations: Don’t place bait where pesticide has been applied, or anywhere bait might be washed away or mopped up.
  • Read the label: Read and follow the label to reduce errors and maximize the effectiveness of the bait.
  • Clean up: Remove any food residue, as it can draw cockroaches away from bait placements.
  • Avoid food surfaces: Never apply bait to food or food-handling surfaces.