Trapper 24/7 Station (Code: BLL000612S)


Easy-to-clean, trap-door bait station holder for a Mini-Rex snap trap or easy catch and release trap.


  • Dimensions: L: 25,5cm x W: 4,8cm x H: 4,8cm.
  • Combines function and style in a multiple-catch mouse trap, ideal for catch and release, and is effective for both mice and insects.
  • Made with a strong, impact-resistant material that can withstand many everyday collisions.
  • No winding; the trapdoor provides unsurpassed capture rates.
  • A horizontal sliding lid design provides greater control during servicing.
  • Allows viewing from the side or top with a flashlight.
  • Use our Persuade Rat & Mouse Lure as a non-toxic bait:


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