Econo Bait Station (Code: TPL000246S)


Rat-sized bait station to safely house snap traps and rat poison. Please note: The bait station does not include the wax bait blocks or the snap trap. The wax bait blocks and snap traps are sold separately.

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  • Dimensions: L: 24,5cm x W: 23cm x H: 12cm
  • Economic, rat sized, tamper-resistant bait station
  • Highly versatile – converts into mechanical trap using T-Rex and Mini-Rex Snap Traps
  • Tomcat Bait Blox, T-Rex and Mini-Rex Snap Traps are sold separately.
  • Easy-to-use Econo opens to the side for fast convenient servicing
  • Locks automatically when closed, includes bait-securing rods, and a two-prong key provides access
  • Available in the following colors: Black, brown and red.


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