Goodbye uninvited guests, hello happy homes.

PestStore has been helping you take the stress out of Do It Yourself (DIY) pest control since 2016

Goodbye uninvited guests, hello happy homes.

PestStore has been helping you take the stress out of Do It Yourself (DIY) pest control since 2016

Welcome to Peststore South Africa – DIY pest control at your fingertips.

Your DIY pest control store providing you with top quality products to help you in your fight against the unwanted pests in your home or business. We have branches across South Africa that offer fast & reliable shipping options or you can collect in-store.


Our customers love us just as much as we love them

Leonard Klass

Lynda, I thought that I would let you know that your cage was very effective. We caught 4 rats last night.

Dhanash Odayar

Did stand-alone treatment using Rossi Gel at a cancer patient’s house in Reservoir Hills for cockroaches. Infestation was extremely heavy. Client’s daughter contacted us with much relief and excitement with the outcome of results of stand-alone treatment done with Rossi Gel. She says infestation cleared out in a week, they were doubtful at first that a small tube of gel will help. After seeing the results they now know the effectiveness of Rossi Gel. This is the second stand-alone treatment done with Rossi Gel. The other client was in Riverside and was also very pleased with the results after application of Rossi Gel. Excellent product. Will highly recommend it for stand-alone treatment. Very cost effective.

Sumaya Warwick

I will support your business in future.

Donovan Briant

Absolutely an amazing team, great customer interactions and constant support and assistance .Excellent product range and nothing beats the rat and mouse products.

Ruan van der Merwe

Everything we need in a restaurant, at affordable prices and great delivery.

Annemarie van Heerden

Our parcel was received today, thank you so much! Now we will spend Lockdown catching all the mice and rats that are pestering us, so grateful to receive in time for the big Rat Race.
Much appreciated.

Chantal Naidoo

Thank you for your company’s excellent service in advising me on the right product and how to use it ( via yourself and the sales rep), the speed of the initial delivery last week and the swift response to sending the correct product and retrieving the incorrect ones. The delivery team were professional and prompt, and gave me a quote that I will be using in future “ we sleep at home, not on the job” when I commended you all on the excellent service.

Rosalie Macartney

Great service.

Parsh Moodley

Just won a prize with them

Licio Gouveia

Loved their updated posts……definitely expert and awesome




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