Fly control with Redtop Flycatchers

Mar 22, 2024 | Blog

Flies buzzing around can quickly turn a pleasant environment into an annoyance. But fear not, as Peststore brings you the ultimate solution: Redtop Flycatchers. These ingenious devices offer a simple yet highly effective method for fly control, revolutionizing pest management in South Africa.

The Redtop Flycatcher Solution

Are you tired of battling swarms of pesky flies with little success? Redtop Flycatchers are here to save the day. Developed and manufactured locally, these traps provide a safe, practical, and user-friendly approach to fly control. With a non-toxic protein-based bait, flies are irresistibly lured into the trap, where they become trapped without any chance of escape.

Studies have shown that approximately 85% of trapped flies are female. By targeting the female population, Redtop Flycatchers help to effectively control the entire fly population in the area. What’s more, the design of the trap prevents flies from building immunity to the bait, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

Innovative Design for Maximum Efficiency

The Redtop Flycatcher boasts a clever design that maximizes fly-catching rates. Its thin-walled, downward tapering, transparent plastic container enhances trapping efficiency, capturing flies at an impressive rate of up to 155 per minute for traps of similar size.

Key components of the Redtop Flycatcher include:

  • A turret for fly entry
  • A cover dish serving as the trap’s chassis
  • A mesh cone to prevent fly escape
  • A bait-containing bag
  • A powdered bait mixed with water within the trap
  • Each sachet of bait lasts between six to eight weeks before requiring replacement, making maintenance hassle-free.
Benefits of Trapping with Redtop Flycatchers

Trapping flies with Redtop Flycatchers offers a range of advantages:

  • No insecticides: The lure-only approach ensures complete ecological safety.
  • Easy to use: No specialized training required; simple product instructions suffice.
  • Reusability: Traps are serviceable for up to five years, with spare parts readily available.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Running costs are significantly lower than those of insecticides.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Redtop Flycatchers offer a sustainable solution to fly control without harming the environment.
  • Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

Whether for residential properties, farms, or business premises, Redtop Flycatchers are suitable for a variety of settings. Strategically placing traps within a maximum of 15 meters from buildings draws flies away from inhabited areas and into the trap, effectively minimizing fly nuisance.

For more information on our range of Redtop Flycatcher products, visit our website at  and say goodbye to fly woes once and for all.