What is so German about this certain Cockroach?

Jan 3, 2022 | Blog

Cockroaches are just about the number one nuisance when it comes to pest control. The German Cockroach is the most common cockroach that you will encounter in your home.

These uninvited guests are brownish in colour with two distinctive darker brown lines running parallel down their backs.

Where Did They Come From?

Weirdly enough, the German Cockroach doesn’t originate from Germany. More than likely, this cockroach (like many others) originated in Southeast Asia.

These cockroaches began to spread throughout the world as exploration and travel become more prevalent. With cockroaches being associated with filth and disease, the official name was probably given out of spite and meant as an insult. In reality, the only thing German about this roach is nothing at all.

In Germany, this cockraoch may be referred to as a Russian Roach or a French Roach. No matter the name, these little guys are spread world-wide and infestations can get out of hand quickly.

Why are German Cockroaches So Far Spread?
The German Cockroach is very small in relation to other cockroaches. These guys don’t get to be too much larger than 1.2 centimetres in length. With this small size comes the ability to hide in small spaces. German cockroaches can easily stow themselves away unnoticed. These guys are amazing hitch hikers which allows them to be so far spread, and truly, a worldwide problem. With the growth of human civilization comes the growth of the German Cockroach population. German Cockroaches don’t fair too well without the human race
But I’m a Neat Nut. Surely, those Germans Won’t be Found in My House?

Indeed, a dirty home can definitely be a source and potential breeding ground for German cockroaches; however, filth isn’t necessary. In reality, all a German Cockroach wants is water, food, and a warm place to call home. What better place than in your kitchen?

These cockroaches prefer the feeling of wood as their resting spot which is one reason your cabinets are prime real estate.

Toasters can be an excellent food source for the beginnings of a cockroach infestation. These areas are warm, provide PLENTY of food due to overlooked crumbs, and are very often kept on counters not far from a water source. It doesn’t matter just how tidy you keep your home, it doesn’t take much to make a feast for these unwelcome critters. The smallest of grease splatters can feed a handful of German Cockroaches for at least a month.

While they don’t require filth to make a house in your home, leaving a pizza on the counter sure makes life a little easier for them.

I’ve Only Seen One or Two; I Don’t Have a Problem:
Like most cockroaches, the German Cockroach is nocturnal. They prefer to be out and about when the sun is down and the lights are out. So, if you’re seeing one or two out on the counter during the day, you can almost bet there are plenty more hiding away.

But when you start seeing more that one or two coming out to play during the day, your infestation could already be out of control. This will be a good time to call in the professionals for help!

Why So Many?
German cockroaches are the fastest breeding cockroaches. One female cockroach could quickly become tens of thousands in as little as a year! I guarantee though, you’re not going to find just one female chilling in your kitchen.

Pregnant German Cockroaches like to huddle and stick together. German cockroaches are very protective of their egg cases (called the Ootheca ). Several species of Cockroaches secure their egg sacks to surfaces out of danger, whereas the German Cockroach goes the extra mile for safety and carries the ootheca with her until it’s time to hatch.

These females will carry their egg casings for nearly a month. Each egg sack can contain 35-50 eggs inside. When it’s closer to hatching time, the female will drop the egg casing in a secure location. To insure that the ootheca isn’t released too soon (resulting in the death of the eggs), the female German Cockroach will stay extremely still for a few days before it’s time to hatch. In her adult lifetime (around 30-40 weeks), the German cockroach can produce 6-8 egg cases resulting in a possible 400 offspring.

That’s 10 new cockroaches EVERY week from one female. In a year, that single female could be the cause of almost half a million cockroach children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!!

Okay, So I Have a German Cockroach Infestation. Can’t We Just Live in Peace?
German cockroaches can single-handedly render all the food in your home as useless. As these cockroaches move around, they secrete a fecal material contaminating everything they touch.

Guess what? This fecal matter also produces a pheromone that brings in MORE cockroaches. These secretions lead to allergic reactions and disease ridden bacteria covering your kitchen, bathroom, and home. In extremely bad infestations, these nasty critters have been reported to BITE humans as well as feed off of food particles left on their faces while they sleep!!

German cockroaches are nasty, vile, and disgusting creatures, but they can be stopped!

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