Summer seasonal pests

Oct 6, 2021 | Blog

What pests will be bugging you this summer?

Over the years experts have gathered pest data to predict the type of pests that are most problematic in each season. We are entering the season of summer.(October, November , December, January, February and even March)

During summer, common pests can vary from flies, mosquitoes, birds, bed bugs and beetles. We have created a how to guide to combat all these common pests during summer, for possible or definite pest invasions.


Their main purpose is to create a noisy nuisance. They multiply fast, and shouldn’t be left uncontrolled. They spread diseases which can lead to serious health risks such as parasitic worms, cholera, dysentery and Salmonella. There are a number of prevention and control solutions you can follow. Pest Store offers from fly bait stations, UV lights and repellent candles. What is most important to prevent fly infestation is keeping your home clean. Clear gutters and drains, don’t leave garbage out for more than 48 hours. This should keep flies at bay.


Mosquitoes hover, particularly around standing water, the perfect breeding place. What can you do when they decide to visit your home?

The answer is natural non-toxic scented insect repellent candles, available from Pest Store. A delightfully fragranced candle, safe for use around children and pets. Perfect for camping and outdoor gatherings. Allow the candle to burn for at least 20 minutes, 2-3 candles to protect your area you’ll be occupying for larger groups of people. These candles are most effective when there is little or no wind to quickly disperse the repellent. However, remember, no insect control will give you 100% protection, but using an appropriate number of candles, should achieve significant results in keeping mosquitoes away.


Some birds can cause harm to properties or even cause diseases. It is important to take into account the signs of an infestation and risks. To avoid bird infestation, remove food sources and nesting sites. Optical bird wax, is a bird gel, easy and effective. It is a way to deter birds from unwanted areas, that will not harm the bird. It contains natural beeswax and is non- toxic and biodegradable. It works by reflecting the UV light spectrum to disturb and deter birds. Safe to use on any surface. If does not do the trick, invest in plastic bird spikes. The spikes are not harmful, just extremely irritating and uninviting to birds.

Bed bugs

Invisible to the eye, yet a nightmare to travellers. Ever noticed blood droplets on your sheet? Bed bugs. It can be hard to detect bed bugs, as they are only 4 – 5mm long. Beware of the bloods spots after they visited you for a feeding. They carry the risks and leave you to allergies and asthma. Keeping your home clean is not enough of prevention mechanism, yet the best action is vacuuming of bedding and upholstery.


Last but not least, also very common, is the unwanted pest visits from beetles. For best results, hire a professional exterminator to rid beetles from your home.

While pests are a reality, you do not have to suffer from it, since we provide the solutions! If you have any pests problems don’t hesitate to give us a call on 086 999 0959 or drop us an email on We are happy to assist!