Signs of a rodent problem in your house

Jul 30, 2021 | Blog

Rodent season is upon us, as rats and mice search for places to spend winter. We put together a guideline for rodent infestation signs to lookout for in your home or business.


These are clear signs of activity; fresh droppings are darker in color and firm to touch. Please be careful when handling them, ensure to wear gloves and cover your face. There will be more droppings where the rodents nest or feed, so you will need to thoroughly inspect the surrounding area as this will be a good indication of how recent the activity was.


Rodents eat their way through surfaces such as wood, cardboard, plastic, concrete, soft metals like aluminium sheeting. Start with walking through your house to check for any gnaw marks, particularly where the droppings have been identified as this could also assist in leading you to where possible gnaw marks can be found.


If you have cats or dogs, they will be the earliest detectors of a rodent infestation. If they suddenly show interest and excitement in an area they previously had no interest in, it may be that rodents have entered your home. Take a torch, follow the area in which the pet shows excitement and inspect the area with concern, you may be able to detect a foul smelling odour.


If rodents are currently active in your home, their tracks and runways are likely to be distinctive. Tracks and runways are easily detected with a torch held at an angle at the area of concern. You may see smudge marks, urine stains, droppings and footprints. To test your suspicion, you can cover the area with a thin layer of baking powder or flour as it will be easy to see activity present.


Rodents will use any form of material such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant as their nest. If these areas are found and have any other presence of fresh droppings, gnaw marks that could be there’s infestation in your home.

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