Tips for spring cleaning your home

Sep 7, 2022 | Blog

Its springtime! Get your home out the winter blues with a spring clean. A clean doesn’t only look good, it also helps to keep your family healthy. Regularly cleaning surfaces in your home helps prevent the spread of germs that can make you sick. Does spring cleaning your home feel like a daunting task? it doesn’t have to be. Here are seven tips to help you make your home fresh and hygienically clean for spring:

1. Clean room by room
It is easier to clean room by room. Tackling everything at once can be overwhelming and takes a lot of time, rather clean each room separately. Start with Bathrooms and kitchens, they are known as ‘wet areas’ and take the most time to clean.

2. Get everyone in your household involved
Make spring cleaning fun. Put on some music and make it a family activity. Extra hands can make cleaning go so much faster. You can even make cleaning a game. Everyone loves games So, why not make a game out of cleaning?

3. Keep cleaning supplies to a minimum
You do not need a lot of cleaning products for a successful spring clean. A bunch of cleaning products can create even more clutter, rather choose a few that are non-toxic and that can clean most surfaces. Microfiber cloths are a must have, they are super absorbent and gentle, so they work on all kinds of messes and surfaces. They can even be used for sanitizing.

4. Use Old cotton T-Shirts to Wipe Down your Mirrors
Cotton t-shirts are perfect for cleaning mirrors, it doesn’t leave streaks or those annoying little pieces of lint.

5. Clean your windows on a shady day
On a warm and sunny day, the cleaning solution will make streaks, rather wait for a shady day. Soak the glass with soapy water to break down dirt. Then use a cleaning agent and a micro fibre cloth.

6. Purify your home’s air.
Leave your windows open for a few hours to bring in some fresh air and to get rid of the stagnant air. You can also sprits some fragrance in your home, to make it smell clean and fresh, try our Aerosol Fragrances, available in Robust or Baby Breeze.

7. Thoroughly clean your fridge
Get rid of bacteria lurking in your fridge. Start cleaning your fridge on the inside. Take out everything and throw out food that has expired. Wash the removable shelves in warm, soapy water. Then wash the interior of your fridge and lastly wash the outside. You can use warm water and soap or stainless-steel spray. Don’t forget to wash the door handles and door seals.

Now you are ready to start cleaning!

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